SSS Research
Insurance & Health Sciences

Using SSS Research solutions, organizations can consolidate data from disparate back office systems such as policy, claims, and billing to provide agents and customer service representatives with a single view of a customer's portfolio. As a result, companies can better serve customers, more accurately target marketing to specific groups of customers, and more intelligently up-sell and cross-sell additional products and services across all channels.

Track and report on planning activity. Consolidate data, compare actual results to budget, and analyze variance. Then share information with the people who need it.

Easily monitor business activity. Calculate key performance indicators (KPIs) and create snapshots of performance. Then executives can take corrective action before minor problems turn into major ones.
Financial Services

SSS Research’s financial services and insurance solutions maximize efficiency and customer service by delivering data from internal and external information systems to any individual via any standard web browser. This includes handheld devices. On-the-spot access and up to date information on customers, products, and markets allows your staff to provide more targeted information to customers, and allows you to make more informed decisions.

Integrating with an in-house risk model or third-party calculation vendor, Our solution makes the information available via dashboards and standard browser. Access to data and the ability to drill down and explore it also empowers your professionals.


Improve efficiency and reduce costs by having one analysis platform for all operational information

Improve productivity by empowering professionals to do more of their own analysis without requiring IT

Reduce losses by quicker identification of negative trends

Single source of accurate and timely information helps managers make more informed decisions

Armed forces and the intelligence agencies both need tools to address these challenges to help leverage existing expertise, increase efficiencies, and improve the bottom line. SSS Research can help by giving them the ability to bring together disparate information assets from any sources, identifying exceptions, discover trends, and provide a powerful visual interface that helps users comprehend thousands of pieces of information at a glance. Sample application areas include the following...
  • Fleet Management – Tracking information for any type of fleet leads to millions of data points. Absorbing and analyzing this data costs valuable time.

    Solution: FUSION™ converts data into actionable knowledge by building-in expert analysis.

  • Field Management – Intelligence analysts require rapid delivery of critical, voluminous, and complex information in order to make critical deployment decisions. These decisions are extremely time-sensitive.

    Solution: FUSION™ combines different types of data in a single display revealing relationships that would be otherwise impossible to see.


With FUSION™ and DECIDE™ intelligence, aerospace and defense organizations experience many financial benefits...
  • Leverage Expert Knowledge/Reduce training time: Because expertise is built into displays, data interpretation is not delayed pending expert analysis.

  • Faster, more effective deployment decisions: Our solution allows users to quickly consume and interpret voluminous quantitative data, which leads to improved visibility of configuration and maintenance status relevant to current and future fleet readiness.

  • Greater maintenance efficiency and less downtime: Improved visibility to systemic maintenance issues.
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