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FUSION™ is a groundbreaking advancement in web based technology which allows analysts the ability to bring together disparate data sources and disparate data types in one interface in order to make better decisions. FUSION™ is to assemble disparate data into a common XML schema, normalize the information, reconcile conflicting information, and publish the information using standards and visual tools to provide an authoritative source for ATM data consumers. FUSION™ uses a distributed, fault tolerant system topology, and provides technologies to ingest data from many existing legacy data providers. The system fuses data into an XML schema and publishes the information using web services to clients that subscribe to FUSION™ while preserving data privacy and security. FUSION™ also provides browser-based data visualization as well as a reporting capability for ad hoc analysis.

FUSION’S™ Web-based Geospatial displays...
  • Ability to plot, mark, and overlay information

  • Full zooming and panning

  • Map and satellite views
Interactive visual widgets

"Drag-and-drop" UI

Mini maps to show detail

Dynamic refreshes of information
DECIDE™ is a leading edge intelligence analysis product that enables intelligence analysts to construct hypotheses and sub-hypotheses, create conjectures, build structured arguments, and associate evidence with the arguments using judicial proof techniques. DECIDE™ contains argument, timeline, and evidence visualizations, list and link analysis evidence marshaling tools that help analysts sort through massive and complex evidence sets to infer relationship inherent in the data. DECIDE™ enables analysts to set evidence credibility and relevance and then scores the various hypotheses using Bayesian belief networks to enable analysts compare argument strengths. DECIDE™ provides an interactive visualization of the scores that shows the relative support for the intelligence conclusions.

DECIDE™ enables analysts to build and manipulate structured arguments using judicial proof techniques, associate evidence with hypotheses and sub-hypotheses, and set evidence parameters including relevance and credibility.

DECIDE™ Provides...
  • Audit trail from collection to policy

  • Helps with critical thinking

  • Supports reasoning about evidence and arguments

  • Adds robustness to analysis

  • Features:

    • Evidence models

    • Argument construction and visualization

    • Competing Hypotheses

    • Evidence marshaling techniques

    • Multiple scoring methods

    • Flexible analysis diagnostic techniques
THINK Interface
THINK Interface™ is the premier Web 2.0, AJAX enabled, thin client development platform. THINK Interface™ takes AJAX to a new level with interactive components which allows application developers to create intuitive, feature rich browser based applications that perform as well or better than fat client/server applications. THINK Interface™ is a powerful toolkit for building sophisticated Web applications that run in a browser. The results are as rich as the best client applications and as easy to distribute as putting up a Web page.

THINK Interface™ provides...
  • Incremental, real-time updates, including thousands of rows of data, complete interactive charts, graphs and other complex information, without refresh--all from within a browser.

  • Ensures security by operating on existing Web security protocols, existing firewalls and proxy servers.

  • An ultra-thin intelligent client for desktop-style functionality using a standard Web browser.

  • A set of fully extensible, customizable UI components.
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